Welcome to Eberron, 8 years after the Day of Mourning.
Former Kingdom of Cyre, the Mournland

Concept: This game is a Pathfinder homebrew detailing the lives of adventurers afflicted with star-sign tattoos called Dragon Marks. This blessing adds personal power and destiny, but places them at odds with the reigning power structures of the world(namely the kingdoms and the Dragon-marked houses), forcing them to exile or persecution and death.

Through lengthy caravan travel under false guises and subtle espionage, then a hazardous journey across the Bitter Sea, the group is now building and fortifying a colony in the frigid land of Frostfell, preparing to take the fight back to these powers after gathering strength.

The 12 Dragon-marked Houses are like mega-corporations whose influence pervades every civilized region and holds as much sway as a kingdom itself.

Their hegemony has been legitimized for generations by the presence of magical birthright tattoos upon their skin called Dragon-marks. If others were known to manifest these marks, their legitimacy of holding trade monopolies would come into question. It is for this reason that agents of the Dragon-marked Houses attempt to murder anyone bearing such marks before their existence can be made public.


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Setting: The Eberron campaign setting, by Keith Baker and Wizards of the Coast, is a world where fantasy tropes are met by the natural escalation of magic to enhance the technology of civic life. Imagine an industrial revolution made possible by magic and enchanted crystals rather than fossil fuels. Floating ships in the sky, railroads, clockwork automaton forces, cannons, flintlock rifles, magically enchanted construction projects, and much more determine the style of the world.

But unlike the real industrial revolution, the presence of personal magic allows for characters to take melee combat to the forefront even in a world with prolific guns. So while the backdrop may look different from heroic fantasy, the character styles and options needn’t necessarily change.

After a century of warfare (which vastly escalated the use of clockwork technology and ritual magic to bring the continent to its current advancement), 8 years ago, unknown forces nuked the kingdom of Cyre during the greatest height of the conflict, causing an immediate cease-fire followed by nearly a decade of terse peace, trade, and espionage campaigns.

Setting of Eberron

5 Kingdoms of Khorvaire

Continental Map

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Current Position: Frostfell Colony